Horizon Pursuit Gamekeeper Hunting Blind


Horizon Pursuit’s hunting blind partnership with Mossy Oak Gamekeeper is putting the whitetail mob in an ugly mood with huge sizes, wall-to-wall windows, and chilling combo of stealth features.

You can fire from any of the huge wall-to-wall windows with a bow or gun, it’s so comfortable you’ll want to hunt all day, and it’s big enough to bring your buddies without compromising the deadly stealth deer hate so much. Plus, it will look great for decades. The whitetail apocalypse has begun.

Height adjustable legs on 5-and-10-foot heights so you can level your Gamekeeper Blind without digging.



Horizon Pursuit + Gamekeeper

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What Is Horizon Pursuit?

by Benny “The Blade” Borelli, organized whitetail crime boss

Horizon Pursuit’s three huge sizes, wall-to-wall windows, and chilling combo of stealth features have my whitetail enforcers in an ugly mood.

Wall-to-wall tinted double-pane windows on three sides erase blind spots, leaving any approaching deer fully exposed to the glare of your predatory eyes, lurking in the shadows.

Horizon Pursuit Gamekeeper Hunting Blind

Wall-to-Wall Windows Erase Blind Spots

Every window is designed to accommodate a gun, bow, or crossbow with equal ease, putting an end to bucks sneaking in from an angle where you can’t get a shot. Where’s the fun in that?

Vile patent-pending Stealth Portal Technology (SPT) lets you slide any window open like a whisper using a hidden counterweight system so there’s no hand motion in the window to catch the eye of even the most vigilant deer. So much for fair chase.

1-1/2-inch foam insulation sandwiched in the rigid wall panels keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Plus it suppresses sound so well, we hear people are bringing their toddlers with them to the blind. Even the floor is covered with a 3/8-inch rubber mat so you can roll your chair around in total silence. It’s sooo creepy, my hide crawls just thinking about it.

The rugged Azdel interior with live edge cedar shelves is so comfortable, you might forget to go home. But that won’t make a difference to all the wasps, spiders, mice, and pack rats whose hope of sheltering in your Horizon Pursuit will be crushed when they meet the bug-and-weather-tight exterior.

The exterior of Horizon Pursuit is Mossy Oak Bottomland patterned fiber-reinforced plastic for decades of weather exposure. And all the framing is aluminum, fastened with stainless steel bolts, so your blind will keep looking great no matter how much slaughter and mayhem you launch from inside it.

Mossy Oak Original Bottomland Pattern

Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern on the blind's exterior

Horizon Pursuit is so weatherproof, we deer were hoping the air inside would get stale and stuffy, or maybe even suffocate you when you stayed in the blind too long. That was before we learned about the two devious 4” louvered vents that put you in full control of your airflow. How do these people sleep at night?


  • Assemble all heights without using a ladder
  • Three huge sizes for comfort and group hunting
  • Wall-to-wall tinted double-pane windows for insulation, stealth, and a clear wide-angle view
  • 8” live edge cedar shelves
  • 3/8-inch rubber mat flooring silences footsteps and chair casters
  • Combination window design; use a gun, bow, or crossbow from any window
  • Stealth Portal Technology to open windows silently with no visible hand movements
  • 1-3/4" foam insulated panels add comfort and suppress sound
  • Mossy Oak Bottomland Fiber Reinforced Plastic exterior: the same weatherproof, durable product used on high-end RVs
  • Soft-touch Azdel interior to absorb sound
  • Rust-proof aluminum framing and stainless steel bolts for a durable, streak-free structure
  • Crowned roof with gutters keeps runoff away from the windows
  • Height adjustable legs on 5-and-10-foot heights so you can level your Gamekeeper Blind without digging
  • Easy-to-climb ladder with slip-resistant stair treads adjusts to the slope with the included extra steps
  • Adjustable louvered vents to control airflow

Additional information


6 x 6, 6 x 8, 8 x 8

Leg Height

10 inches, 5 feet, 10 feet


1-3/4" foam insulated panels

Ceiling Height



Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern Fiber Reinforced Plastic


Soft-touch Azdel


Aluminum extrusion


Stainless steel bolts


5/8” double pane insulated glass

Window Dimensions

24” x 24”


Toy Hauler RV floor


Height adjustable slip-resistant stair treads with extra steps

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