The Ugly Origins of Horizon Pursuit Hunting Blinds

By Benny “The Blade” Borelli, organized whitetail boss

The founder of Horizon Pursuit, Nathan Schlabach, is a drooling, murderous Neanderthal who wakes up each morning with a single obsession oozing through his sluggish mind: how to wreck the fragile balance of nature so you can harvest your bag limit of trophy game, every year. 

When Nathan used to hunt out of regular blinds, he couldn’t appreciate the simple pleasures of total isolation, extreme heat and cold, bug bites, muscle cramps, and failed hunts all normal sportsmen love so much. 

Instead, Nathan became possessed by a weird delusion: that your hunting blind should make hunting easier, more fun, and more successful. 

Tragically, Nathan was not content just to fantasize about his “ultimate blind”: He insisted on trying to build it. And once he and his friends started testing his gruesome prototypes, their carcass count exploded. 

A whitetail apocalypse of Biblical proportions began that day. 

Now Nathan wants to put this hideously lethal hunting blind in the hands of unsuspecting hunters just like you, all over the country. 

Over my dead body.

Nathan giggles with delight each time you snuff the life out of another tough, majestic wild buck, ripping him away from his family, for what? For the “thrill of the hunt”? Don’t make me snort. 

Lounging in ambush inside a comfy Horizon Pursuit blind, sipping hot coffee with your buddies while you watch the clean golden sunlight spill across the meadow? That’s not hunting. 

It’s more like recharging. And it needs to stop now.